Grand Commandery Knights Templar Massachusetts & Rhode Island

R.E Grand Commander

Right Eminent
Grand Commander 2021-2022
S.K. Peter Archie Mooradian 


Knightly Greetings

May 2022

Greetings Sir Knights,

We are back, we are working, and we are getting stronger! I am so excited to see the outpouring of enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work in our jurisdiction this year. I have had the honor of attending the conferral of at least 10 Orders, 3 one-day classes, 5 inspections so far and numerous social events and the Sir Knights of Massachusetts and Rhode Island are not slowing down! The calendar is full, and shows no signs of slowing down! As we make our final push of this year of Templary, we should look towards what is next and what we want to plan for next year.

The Long Range Planning Committee is hard at work refining and polishing the programs they launched at the Semiannual, and working on new initiatives to strengthen us as one team not individual groups. The trainings will take place this summer, and the Grand Commander’s award has already launched! The work being done this year in our York Rite bodies has proven that when we work together as one organization we can do anything! The full form Red Cross and Malta has become the norm. The short form Red Cross and Malta are still there, but we do not rely on it anymore.  We have learned that by doing these two Orders in full form we can involve many Sir Knights in new ways and get those sideline Sir Knights who may not have a uniform involved and participating in inspections and in work, and hopefully it reignites their Masonic passions and they step forward to do even more next year.

I am also struck by the level of fellowship that has emerged after the Orders. Sir Knights are not looking to get home before the second division is put away. They are staying and engaging the new members and sharing their experiences and forging new bonds of friendship and fraternalism. We have about 60 days left before July. We know what we have to do to lay the solid foundation for next year. We know we have to plan and prepare and we know now is the time we need to recruit. You should all be sharing in a great sense of accomplishment for what you have done this year. Please share that feeling with the members of your other Masonic bodies. Let them know how positive the experience you are having is, and invite them to enjoy and share it with you as well.

There will be a few summer fun events in July and August. However, I want you all to take some time over the summer to recharge your batteries. To spend time with family and friends and to do things other than Freemasonry. We all need to be fresh in September and ready to continue the great things we have accomplished this year. We need to have the energy to make next year even better than this year! The Grand Commandery and its officers are here for you and ready to help you plan your year, and we are eager to be a sounding board if you need one. We are all here for each other and together will continue to build back stronger and better.

I thank you all for the work you have done, are doing and will do!

Yours in Christ
S. K. Peter A. Mooradian.

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