Grand Council Royal & Select Master Masons of Massachusetts

Living Past Deputy Grand Masters

1993 M:.I:. Charles W. Austin (Orient-Winthrop)
1995 M:.I:. Clayton A. Bemis (Brockton-Abington)
1996 R:.I:. John C. Sutterley (Temple)
1998 R:.I:. Gerald H. Pass (Cape Cod)
2001 M:.I:. Donald W. Carriger, Jr. (Cambridge)
2002 R:.I:. John K. Andrews (Hiram)
2004 M:.I:. Wayne L. Robbins (Brockton-Abington)
2005 R:.I:. Charles E. Katsanos (Fall River)
2006 R:.I:. Peter K. Stone (Cape Cod)
2008 R:.I:. Mark W. Doane (Springfield)
2009-2010 R:.I:. Donald R. Denning, Jr. (Harris)
2011 R:.I:. Manuel Ferreira, III (Fall River)
2012 R:.I:. Ronald E. Wolf (Berkshire)
2013 R:.I:. David A. Schofield (Cape Cod)
2014 M:.I:. Demetrios J. Sarantopoulos (Brockton-Abington)
2016 R:.I:. Alexander A. Bird (Orient)
2017 R:.I:. Nathaniel R.J. Ulrich (Boston)
2018 M:.I:. Andrew C. Maninos (Orient)
2019 R:.I:. Rev. Dr. Michael S. Bickford (Cryptic)
2020-2021 R:.I:. John W. Ruggles, II (Temple)
2022 R:.I:. George L. Herbolsheimer, IV (Adoniram)
2023 R:.I:. James D. Foss (Orient)
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