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Grand Commandery Knights Templar Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Grand Commanders Message

Greetings Sir Knights,
Here we are entering into the warm and sometimes humid days of summer. A
time of opportunities for our social outings and gatherings. A time for family and friends
to gather to enjoy this ever quickly fleeting season.
We have an opportunity to enjoy the blessings which are unique to us here in our
Grand Jurisdiction. With the beaches that so many of us gather at or the woods that we
can retreat to and commune with our spiritual sides, or to travel to the mountains, where
we can take in the grandeur of God’s creation. These are opportunities that for many of
us are not more than a couple of hours away.
Speaking on these, I go back to the Ocean. Jesus in his life was near the ocean on
many occasions. He calmed the seas, provided bounteous catches of fish and walked
upon the face of the sea. I am reminded of these miracles that he committed when I look
out on the waters. The vast expanse and tranquility bring me such a deep calm and I
cannot help but wonder how moved those who witnessed his miracles were. I doubt not
that they felt the presence of God in those moments, and I find that I have a small share
of that whenever I look upon the Ocean.
Why I say all this is that I hope for you all that if you go out in God’s great
creation during this summer, that you pause and feel the presence of God in your life.
Knowing that the warm sun upon your face, wind through your hair, the spray of the salt
water or sounds of nature are the reminders of God’s presence in your life. Enjoy these
summer months with family and friends and enjoy those cookouts or parades, but always
try to find moments to just exist in God’s creation and feel his presence.
James Ian Ogilvie
Grand Commander