Grand Commandery Knights Templar Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Grand Commandery Officers 2021-2022

R:. E:. Grand Commander S.K. Peter Archie Mooradian (7)
V:.E:. Deputy Grand Commander S.K. Eugene Blake Nichols (12)
Eminent Grand Generalissimo S.K. James Ian Ogilvie (13)
Eminent Grand Captain General S.K. Stephen Daniel Whitmore (31)
Eminent Grand Senior Warden S.K. Peter Alan Randall (12)
Eminent Grand Junior Warden S.K. James Philip Charles Martignoni (7)

Eminent Grand Prelate S.K. Glen Melvin Cunningham, REPGC (38)
Associate Grand Prelate Rev. & S.K. Michael Scott Bickford (7)
Associate Grand Prelate  Rev. & S.K. Paul Matthew Starratt (2)
Associate Grand Prelate  S.K. Jacob Tyler Yanovich (31)
Associate Grand Prelate  S.K. John Kyron Andrews (5)
Associate Grand Prelate  S.K. Edward Bruce Kdonian (1)
Associate Grand Prelate  S.K. Richard William Seychew, REPGC (54)

Eminent Grand Treasurer S.K. Kenneth George Sallale (2)
Eminent Assistant Grand Treasurer S.K. David Alexander Ogilvie (13)
Eminent Grand Recorder S.K. Donald Seibert Stevens 
Eminent Assistant Grand Recorder S.K. Richard William Seychew, REPGC (54)

Eminent Grand Standard Bearer S.K. John Wilde Ruggles, II (31)
Eminent Grand Sword Bearer S.K. Matthew John Wissell (5)
Eminent Grand Capt. of the Guard S.K. Jeffrey Arnold (10)
Eminent Grand Warder S.K. Jacob Tyler Yanovich (31)
Eminent Grand Organist S.K. George Albert Wiseman (34)
Assistant Grand Organist S.K. Charles Earle Briggs (21)
Grand Organist Emeritus S.K. Stanley Symmes Locke (2)
Eminent Grand Sentinel S.K. David Leon Gerlach (18)
Deputy Grand Warders:  
for the Deputy Grand Commander S.K. Paul Richard Perkins (12)
for the Grand Generalisimo S.K. David Alexander Ogilvie (13)
for the Grand Captain General S.K. Russell Henry Dumas (31)
for the Grand Senior Warden S.K. Thomas Michael McClintock (21)
for the Grand Junior Warden S.K. Peter Seth Moore (21)
for the Grand Standard Bearer S.K. Michael Kevin Richards (38)
for the Grand Sword Bearer S.K. Geoffrey Kromer (2)

Eminent Grand Inspector-Instructor S.K. Richard Glenn Bernheart, REPGC (11)
Eminent Assistant Inspector-Instructor S.K. William Ernest Eltzroth, REPGC (11)
Eminent Assistant Inspector-Instructor S.K. Glen Melvin Cunningham, REPGC (38)
Eminent Assistant Inspector-Instructor  S.K. Mark Watson Kay, REPGC (8)
Protocol Aide S.K. William Ernest Eltzroth, REPGC (11)
Protocol Aide S.K. Glen Melvin Cunningham, REPGC (38)
Grand Commanders Aide S.K. Kenneth Louis Brown (7)
Grand Commanders Aide S.K. David Edward Ferrazzoli (7)
Grand Commanders Aide S.K. John Christopher Christie (6)
Grand Commanders Aide S.K. Victor David Vaitkunas (11)
Grand Commanders Aide S.K. John William Wilder (2)
Grand Commanders Aide S.K. Sebastian Joseph Napolitano (7)
Grand Recorders Aide S.K. Jeffrey Arnold (2)
Grand Encampment Consultant S.K. Eugene Anthony Capobianco, REPGC (2)

Trustees of the Grand Fund S.K. William Warren Richardson, Jr. (12) 2021 Chair
  S.K. Steven Edward Smith (8) 2022
  S.K. Joseph Carl DeNicola (2) 2023
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