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The Unsung

As we enter into the month of February, we can not help but be reminded of one of the Patron Saints of many of the Christian Faiths. St. Valentine is deemed the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers among others. Though for many it is now a commercialized holiday with roses and candies and overpriced dinners, there should be a lesson in this day for all Knights. You see he is a patron saint of many things, but of the three I mentioned above, I would like to expound on two of them. Two of the unsung of the world for many.

First let me speak to lovers. Yes, lovers are often unsung. I do not speak of romantic lovers, however. I speak of those who love selflessly for others, and for their passions that benefit others. Think of these selfless lovers, who give of themselves without request or expectation of anything in return. I would argue that the countless caregivers, nurses, mothers, priests, and all others who give unceasingly of their time and effort to help, to better and to take care of others are often unsung.

The second are the beekeepers. And before you start to laugh at this thought, pause and think about this. A beekeeper is another lover if you will. He gives much of his time to raise and care for a hive. He prepares a home for them; he is mindful of their needs as they fulfill their task that benefits him. If it were not for the thousands of beekeepers across the world, our crops would not grow, nor would we have the sweet taste of honey in many of our recipes or drinks. These beekeepers are not usually thought of when you sit down to dinner or when having a cup of tea with a touch of honey. These individuals usually go unsung.

For the beekeeper I would ask you to also look to them as an inspiration within Templary. In freemasonry we are taught the allegory of the beehive and how the most industrious of us will most benefit mankind. Now think of all who guide, teach and support us within the craft and within Templary. We can look at many of them as our own “Beekeepers”. Those who motivate us, inspire us or just are there for us in all that we try to accomplish. Sometimes a listening ear can help us organize our thoughts to better serve. They do not lead us, but they furnish us with what we need to be the best that we can be.

That brings me to a point that I want to bring to your attention. You see, within our Grand Jurisdiction our Grand Line is a progressive line. We travel for many years to get to the office that I am currently blessed to occupy. For me, the trip has taken 8 years to get to this point and when I finish my tenure of office, I will have traveled 9 years. This trip is not done alone, however. Each officer has a Deputy Grand Warder who will travel hopefully throughout their journey as a team. He will eventually become the Grand Warder if he chooses to finish that trip with his officer.

I bring this up because I know that our Deputy Grand Warders, and the Grand Warder are often the Unsung of our Grand Commandery. They are the “Beekeepers” who help us to shine and prosper through a partnership. When a Line Officer is received into a Commandery, they usually get most of the recognition, but they would not be able to do what they do most times without their Deputy Grand Warders. These men are dedicated Sir Knights who, through their own involvement and dedication, have been recognized as Servant Leaders within our Grand Jurisdiction. These men have in their travels displayed skills and leadership which caught the eye of the Officer they travel with and earned them the station they hold. Like the Squires of medieval times who faithfully served their Knights, these Sir Knights are an extension of each officer.

Yes, they must attend to their appointed Knight, but also are the Knights most trusted Council. They are their armorer, and trusted travel companion. They are the listening ear and the helpful eye to their officer and an integral part of the experience. Indeed, many a Deputy Grand Warder, through faithful, skillful, and dutiful service to their officer and Grand Commandery have gone on to serve as Officers and Grand Commanders. They each should be commended for all that they do, and I thank them. Like the Beekeeper helps the Bees to flourish, so do the Warders help their Officers shine brighter.

In closing I would ask you to consider the following few things. Valentine’s Day, think of the unsung of our world. Think of those true lovers of humanity, of those who care for others needs without recognition. Thank a nurse, or councilor, or mother on Valentines Day for their love of others. Thank the “Beekeepers” in your life and in your Commandery that help you flourish and grow.

Finally, I want to thank my Grand Warder, who is also my father. We have enjoyed 8 plus years of travel together, and I know I would not have done so well without his faithful help. Thank you Dad.

May the love of God and light of Jesus Christ be upon you all and may you find the love in your life that blesses you.

James Ian Ogilvie
Grand Commander

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