Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts

Royal Arch Degree Team


This year’s Exemplification and conferral of the four Capitular Degrees by The Grand Royal Arch Chapter Exemplification Degree Team will be held on Saturday December 11, 2021 in the Newton Masonic Building,
460 Newtonville Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 02466 beginning the work at 9:30 a.m.

All Grand Chapter Officers are expected to be present.

All Districts are encouraged to have a majority of the officers of the Chapters in their respective Districts present.

Chapter Secretaries, take Note: ALL candidates to receive the degrees MUST have been previously elected to receive the degrees and MUST be previously registered with the office of the Grand Secretary. Your CHAPTER will be billed $35 for each candidate, which includes the cost of his lunch. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE FUNDS FROM THE CANDIDATES THEMSELVES. Your Chapter will be billed following the conferral date.

Please give this event as much publicity as possible, we always have a great time and learn so much about our work from watching the Degree team exemplify it!

Sincerely and fraternally,
The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts

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