Past Grand High Priests

Past Grand High Priests Of theGrand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts Since Organization through 2017 Benjamin Hurd, Jr.    1798 -1800Dudley Atkins Tyng    1801 -1802Timothy Bigelow    1803 – 1805Isiah Thomas    1806 – 1808Oliver Prescott    1809James Dean Hopkins    1810 – 1812John Abbot    1813 – 1815Andrew Sigourney    1816 – 1817James Prescott    1818 – 1819Jonathan Gage    1820 – 1822Paul Dean    1823 – 1825Daniel Lewis Gibbens    1826 – 1828Samuel Clarke    1829 – 1831Josiah J. Fiske    1832 – 1833Edward A. Raymond    1834 – 1836Simon W. Robinson    1837 – 1839John B. Hammatt    1840Elijah...

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Benjamin Hurd

M:. E:. Benjamin Hurd, Jr. Second General Grand High Priest Royal Arch Masons By George L. Marshall, Jr., PGHP, AL & Dan Pushee, PGPS, PHP, Holder of Benjamin Hurd Medal, MA Benjamin Hurd, Jr., was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts on February 1, 1750, the son of Benjamin Hurd (1719-1808) and Grace (Estabrook) Hurd (1721-1789). His wife was Mary (Stearns) Hurd (1754-1816). He was by trade a leather dresser (a person who prepares, treats, or finishes a leather material or piece of equipment). He occasionally supplied his lodge with aprons and gloves. He later became a successful merchant...

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On October 30, 2020, Ernest Bean, of Tyngsborough Massachusetts, was installed as the 82nd Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts. He is following in the footsteps of Past Grand High Priests like Benjamin Hurd Jr. and Dana A. Jackson. The office of Grand High Priest is a volunteer position; the Grand High Priest is elected and installed on an annual basis. Tradition dictates that a first-year Grand High Priest is re-elected for a second and third year before another new Grand High Priest is elected. As Grand High Priest, he presides over several thousand Capitular...

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