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How to join

The first step is to contact your Lodge Secretary and ask him for the York Rite Representative in your Lodge or District, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Here are some articles that explain the various Degrees and Orders.   Degrees of Royal Arch Degrees of Royal and Select Masters Orders of Knights Templar Here is a link to a multi-purpose York Rite Application form    

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York Rite Degrees

Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, The Capitular Degrees MARK MASTER: The work on the temple continues. Amplifying the Fellowcraft Degree, we are taught that the learning we receive there can most usefully and judiciously be employed for our honor and the profit of others, to whom our duty is more clearly defined. A beautiful lesson is exemplified, inculcating the encouraging truth that though we are often misunder- stood, underrated, and defamed, there is ONE who will make the rejected stone, the Head of the Corner. PAST MASTER: This Degree begins the preparation for the Royal Arch. We are...

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Start of the journey

Joining your lodge was only the start of an amazing journey. Now, it is time to finish what you started through membership in the York Rite. When you became a Freemason, you knew little about the world into which you were entering. The truth is, our fraternity’s origins are unclear even to us. Over the centuries it has grown and shifted in countless ways and there are dozens of Masonic organizations to explore, join and lead. The York Rite is one of the major branches of Freemasonry in the United States, primarily composed of three separate organizations which confer 10 degrees (plus three...

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