About the Chapter of Research

The Massachusetts Chapter of Research was instituted on September 22, 1973 when ME Lane Ellison Wheaton, Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts issued a Charter empowering it to work.

The purpose of this chapter is to diffuse Masonic light and knowledge; and to promote, encourage and conduct Capitular Masonic research. It does not confer any of the Capitular degrees regularly conferred in a duly constituted chapter; but concerns itself with nothing other than it's purpose of Capitular Masonic research.

The Chapter is composed of active Royal Arch Masons, subscribers and honorary Masonic members. Membership is limited to Royal Arch Masons who are members in good standing of some chapter subordinate to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts or in some chapter subordinate to a Grand Chapter recognized by the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts. The Chapter presently holds communications with the Royal Arch Research Chapters in Virginia, Ohio, Australia, and The Netherlands.

A Royal Arch Mason may fraternally visit this Chapter; or become an active member by petition and a unanimous approval by the members present at a Stated Convocation. Honorary membership is bestowed upon Masonic brothers by the Chapter based upon merit. Also any Masonic organization, Masonic body, or Masonic Library recognized by the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts and/or the Grand Lodge of Masons of Massachusetts who wish to receive our publications may be elected as Subscribers. In addition our publications are available to the general Masonic membership through the Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library located at our Grand Lodge in Boston.

The Massachusetts Chapter of Research holds two regular convocations each year, to wit: on a Saturday in Spring and Fall, at any Masonic Temple within Massachusetts to which it has been invited to assemble. Special Convocations may be held at such places in Massachusetts and at such times as may be called by the Standing Committee.

The Fall convocation is the Annual Convocation at which time the annual business shall be presented and the annual choice of officers is made. The High Priest, King, Scribe, Treasurer, Secretary and Trustees are elected by ballot. The remaining officers; Chaplain, Captain of the Host, Principal Sojourner, Royal Arch Captain, three Veil Masters and Tyler are appointed by the High Priest prior to the Installation of officers.

The Seal of the Massachusetts Chapter of Research consists of a circle enclosing another circle. Between the outer and inner circles are the words, "The Massachusetts Chapter of Research". Within the inner circle is a triangle enclosing a representation of the triple tau and the date instituted - September 22, 1973.

Here is a link to the Chapter of Research Application Form.

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