Grand Commandery Knights Templar Massachusetts & Rhode Island

R.E Grand Commander

Right Eminent
Grand Commander 2022-2023
S.K. Eugene Blake Nichols 

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New Year’s Greetings Sir Knights,

In 2 Corinthians 5:17, we read the following: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, this person is a new creation; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

Paul has written that Christ's death for sin has changed the way he regards people. Instead of looking at each person as a mere human being, he must view those who are in Christ as something entirely different. Those who are "in Christ" are those who have faith in Him, credited with Christ's righteous life, and their sin forgiven by Christ's death in their place. Such people are new creatures. Those "in Christ" have become something they were not before. Their identity has changed from being the fallen version of themselves, to being associated with the righteousness of Christ. That is who they are now.

In fact, the old version of a Christian, who they were before they were "in Christ," is not recoverable. The old is gone, Paul writes. The new has come. All the old dreams and ideas and agendas and purposes have ceased to exist and have been replaced by Christ's ideas and agendas and purposes in an entirely new creature called "Christian."

Paul's words are true in another way. The old way of humanity is also gone. The old way of the law is also gone. Christ is the long-promised New Law that makes it possible for people to be made new once and for all, and for eternity, with no possibility of returning to the old.

As we enter this new year, let us think about these words. How will you receive the gift of being a new creation and how will you live the life of a new creation? We have taken an oath to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and bind up the wounds of the afflicted and to inculcate the duties of charity and hospitality. The world is looking for an Organization, a Symbol of all that is Good and Right, a Light in the Darkness of today’s society. Our spiritual beliefs can be passed on to everyone by our acts of Kindness and Charity. As Knights Templar, we must demonstrate that we are above the fray in our everyday actions of Tolerance and Brotherly Love. Let everyone see the Good Works that we as Knights Templar do within our own communities. Let us not hide within the walls of our Asylums, but be that new creation, demonstrating what the modern-day Templars represent. Let us live the life of a new creation and by our actions and conduct we may entice a good, upright man to become a Mason. More especially, a Mason may want to become a Knight Templar.

May Christ be kind to bless your family and shower them with love and happiness. Let us welcome this new year by having Christ as the focal point of celebration. Let us thank the Lord for giving us another beautiful year to include in our Book of Life. May this new page unfold in our lives with love, hope and peace. May each day of this year unfold and spread happiness and joy, just as a flower blossoms and spreads fragrance by unfolding its petals one after another. It is my wish and prayer for a very happy new year in the name of Jesus.

In His Devoted Service,
S. K. Eugene Blake Nichols.

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