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Joining your lodge was only the start of an amazing journey. Now, it is time to finish what you started through membership in the York Rite.

When you became a Freemason, you knew little about the world into which you were entering. The truth is, our fraternity’s origins are unclear even to us. Over the centuries it has grown and shifted in countless ways and there are dozens of Masonic organizations to explore, join and lead. The York Rite is one of the major branches of Freemasonry in the United States, primarily composed of three separate organizations which confer 10 degrees (plus three “chair” degrees for members who have led local bodies). Beyond that are more than two dozen other York Rite organizations that expand our story, Masonic knowledge and friendship. What makes the York Rite unique is that its Chapters, Councils, and Commanderies all function like local lodges. Eight of Ten degrees they confer speak directly to the story you began learning in your lodge, and start to answer questions such as:

  • In the Third Degree, we are given a “substitute” word because the Master’s Word is lost. What is the real Mason’s Word?
  • Why is Solomon’s Temple considered the perfect construction project?
  • Part of the job of the Senior Warden is “to pay the craft their wages if any be due.” How is this done?
  • What is a “key to a word” that is sought for in the Third Degree?
  • In the Third Degree, we hear that the Temple is nearly complete. Was it ever finished? If so, what happened to it?
  • What was on the Builder’s mind when he died and what was he working on at the time?

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